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Wooden Watch Box with Drawer
  • Wooden Watch Box with Drawer
Wooden Watch Box with Drawer

Wooden Watch Box with Drawer

Elegantly arrange your wristwatches in our wooden watch box with a drawer. It has been carefully designed and made, and comes with an additional storage space for accessories. Also, it is a stylish and practical container that keeps watches safe and presentable while looking up to date always.
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Meet our Wooden Watch Box with Drawer – a fine combination of grace and practicality for watch lovers. This watch box isn’t just a safe shelter for your timepieces, it’s also a trendy fashion statement.

Each cushion in the main section of the box has been specifically designed to hold your watches in place while protecting them from scratches. The transparent glass cover allows you to see your collection clearly so that this box becomes a display case for your treasured watches.

What makes this watch box stand out is its well-placed drawer. It has more space for extra watches, watch accessory items or other small valuables. Inside there is soft lining that takes care of your precious wristwatches and things.

The Wooden Watch Winder with Drawer fits perfectly on your vanity or at any other display area due to its compact size and good workmanship. Experience storage that is organized combined with classic wooden craftsmanship.

In summary:


Wooden Watch Box with Drawer Key Features:

Wooden Build: 

A wooden winder is made from high-quality timber such as oak, mahogany, or walnut. It never goes out of fashion and looks exquisite.

Drawer Design: 

There is an extra layer of functionality provided by including a drawer that can store your additional watches, watch accessories or other jewelry items.

Watch Cushions: 

In the main compartment are individual watch cushions. You possibly will remove these cushions so as to design the arrangement based on the size and style of your watches.

Glass Lid: 

Quite a few wooden winder feature a glass lid; however, it is transparently clear while covering one’s collection of watches from dust.

Soft Interior Lining: 

The inside part is lined with soft materials like velvet to avoid scratches and keep your watches in mint condition.

Quality Hardware: 

Pulls and hinges for drawers have been used to make sure that these boxes are sturdy besides adding beauty to them.

Compact Design: 

They still remain compact and stylish even though they have a drawer making them ideal for dressing tables, bedside cabinets or display units.

Wooden Watch Box with Drawer Benefits:

Organized Storage: 

When it comes to organizing both the watches and any additional accessories, the main section alongside the drawer works perfectly.


The watch box creates a safe environment devoid of dust where your timepieces don’t get scratched or damaged in any way possible.


Using see through lid; it changes into a tasteful display case for you watch collections in this watch box too.


The presence of a drawer provides extra storage space thus making it convenient to put some extra straps for your wristwatch bands, jewelries among other small objects within reach.

This 6 Wooden Watch Winder with Drawer does not only provide storage but also brings elegance to your collection.

Wooden 6 Watch Winder with Drawer Parameters:

Place of Origin:China
Model Number:WW-8213
Size:36*21*30 CM
Capacity:6 Wacthes
Material:Wooden/MDF/Natural Wood
Exterior:Wood+Veneer Sheet
Finish:High gloss Piano finish
Power Supply:Battery & AC/DC adapters
Motor:Japanese MABUCHI Motor
Pillow:Memory Foam Pillow
Usage:Displaying Watches
Logo:Accept Customized Logo

The Wooden Watch Box with Drawer is an elegant and functional accessory designed to keep your watches safe. It has a versatile style that can be used in different ways:

Organized Watch Storage:

This Wooden Watch Box with Drawer offers a sleek manner of keeping your watches organized. Additionally, the drawer makes room for other accessories or extra timepieces besides ensuring that your collection stays in order.


Dresser Enhancement:

Give your dresser some boost using this cool watch box. While the wooden design adds sophistication to your personal space, such as cufflinks or replacement straps for the drawer provides storage.


Gifting Elegance:

Give this watch box away as an elegant present. With a classic wooden outside and storage-friendly drawer, it is a thoughtful gift for all lovers of watches or just anyone who likes decent adornments.


Boutique Display:

It is good for showcasing them in boutique or showroom. As you know, the drawer caters to dual display where main compartment holds watches while superfluous materials can be put down there.


Wooden Watch Box with Drawer FAQ:

How do I choose the right wooden watch case?

When selecting an ideal wooden watch case, factors like type of wood used, craftsmanship and number of compartments should be considered so as to ensure that one gets what suits his/her taste best and also meets their need for space.

What are common wood types in wooden watch boxes with drawers?

Some common types include oak, mahogany, walnut types of woods among others. Each kind of timber comes with its own distinct features, therefore opt for one that suits you best if you want something luxurious and personalized.

Can I get a customized wooden watch case?

Yes, many dealers offer customization services on their products made out of wood including wrist watches. This will enable you to personalize a storage unit for your watches since it is possible to have personalized inscriptions made or select the finish of your wooden case.

How do I clean and maintain my wooden watch case?

To remove dust from the box, use a soft dry cloth. Detailed cleaning can be done using mild brush. Watches should always be kept safely in place hence the functionality of the drawer must be checked regularly.

Do wooden watch cases with drawers have locking mechanisms?

Some models of wooden watch boxes sold on this website are lockable meaning that you can prevent unauthorized access into them. For people who like locking things up, these types of products are ideal especially when it comes to their collections being guarded.

Can I put other accessories in a wooden watch box with a drawer?

Even though they are designed mainly for timepieces, these boxes usually have different compartments which can accommodate other items like cufflinks or jewelry. Therefore, one should consider his/her needs when choosing such cases.

What kind of drawers does a wood-based wristwatch container has?

The box may have single or multiple drawers inside it that can be used for keeping more watches than one expects. So, choose how you want your things organized and how many units you will need for storage purposes.

What prevents wood-based wristwatch containers from becoming too dry?

Avoid exposing the box directly to sunlight or extremely drying conditions as this would lead its moisture being lost; hence increases chances of cracking by using wood friendly conditioners on periodic basis while retaining its natural moisture content thereby preventing cracks on the surface from expanding over time.

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